We only supply fully qualified, professionally trained clinicians who work the frontline of the Ambulance Service with the most relevant, up to date skills and knowledge


What we can provide:

  • First Aid Teams

From a Single First Aid Trained Responder to a team of Fully trained medics.

  • Crewed Ambulances (From a CQC Registered Partner Provider)

Fully Kitted Blue Light Ambulance crewed with a combination of Suitably trained staff.

(As a company we do not offer transportable services however we can consult with a CQC registered partner provider who can provide appropriate vehicles and staff)

  • Crewed Response Vehicles

Blue Light Response Car to Provide a reassuring visible Presense at events staffed by a suitably qualified member of staff.

  • Discreet First Aid Staff

For higher profile events we can provide First Aid trained staff discreetly dressed in a smart suit to give your clients the reassurance they need without the high profile presense.

  • Medical Escorts

Qualified Medical Staff to escort and support long term ill patients to public or private events.

  • Film Set Medics

Technicians, Paramedics or Nurses provide a medical presense during filming or set building. Fully qualified to assess and provide appropriate treatment or advice.

  • Airside Medics

Appropriately insured and trained staff provide a visible presense at Air shows and other Airside events.

    Who we can provide:

    • First Responders

    Can provide First Aid, take observations, administer Oxygen and

    use an AED alongside basic life support.

    • Emergency Medical Technicians

    All of the above plus interpret observations and conduct 12 lead

    ECG, adminster a number of drugs and pain relieving gas, provide

    intermediate life support with airways.

    • Paramedics

    All of the above plus, advanced diagnostics and skills, administer

    further drugs and provide advance life support.

    • Mental Health Nurses

    Has a deep understanding in mental health and associated drugs, the management of the symptoms and an understanding of the acute onset of symptoms.

    • Registered General Nurses

    Can take and interpret observations, the management of wounds and illnesses and an understanding of the care of ill patients.

    • Medical Escort Service

    One on One Personal care of a patient by a qualified clinician whilst at an event. Frequent observations can be undertaken and the appropriate care given. Providing reassurance for the patient and their families.

    • Well Man Clinics

    Observations such as blood pressure, pulse rates, blood sugar measurements and ECGs to allow clinicians to make appropriate referrals for any unknown, underlying complaint such as high blood pressure or a heart arrhythmia.

    • Treatment Posts

    Well lit, fully equipped weather proof structure with seating and assessment area.

    • Response Vehicles

    To mobilise staff around a large site, marked as Medical Team and carrying full kit.

    • And any combination of the above


    What we believe really sets us apart from other providers is our passion for standards.

    Tech Medical Services came into existence following the experience of our staff on frontline duties and at other events. We believe in the experience front line Ambulance work provides  and the sets the standard for training. We only supply practicing  frontline Ambulance Staff for this reason. There is no variation in our training and our staff are committed to providing the best care and always putting the patient first.


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