We would like to be your preferred provider. We feel that with our experience from the frontline of the Ambulance Service to the many varied events covered by our staff, we have the skills, the knowledge and the experience to keep your visitors safe.

We can provide discreet, smartly dressed and attentive staff to cover a variety of roles. We can also provide First Aid Posts and where needed a response vehicle.

All our staff carry a full kit bag complete with AED and oxygen.

Our Emergency Medical Technicians also have the skills to assess, interpret diagnostic equipment, manage chronic conditions, carry pain relief and decipher ECG's.

We can also supply Paramedics, Mental Health and General Nurses to supply more specialist care.

We feel our Technicians, Mental Health and General Nurses are well placed in our medical escort service. This service allows visitors who otherwise may not make an event have the reassurance of a qualified, professionally trained clinician to accompany them on the day and attend to their needs be it for a chronic condition or a long term disability.

Our Well Man Clinics are designed as a quick health check for your work force. They provide our clincians with a set of observations. Those observations will allow our staff to advise each client on such issues as blood pressure, heart rates and rhythms or blood sugars. Where appropriate our clinicians will refer the client to their GP for further assessment of potential unknown, underlying issues providing peace of mind for your work force.